Sam Coleman is a troubadour of text, a writer and editor whose life is defined as documenting cultures—both foreigners and indigenous—in communication projects, both online and print, across the globe. He’s a global interviewer with Bill Clinton, Muhamed Yunus, Madonna, Yoko Ono, Georgio Armani and hundreds of other personalities, be they artists or newsmakers, as his subjects. He’s also an award winning investigative journalist.

Mostly though, his career is defined as an editor; for instance as the editor-in-chief  of the award winning Esquire Malaysia and Singapore (Magazine Publisher Association of Singapore Best Cover, Best Consumer Magazine and Best Integrated title 2013; Malaysian Publishers Awards, six golds, nine silvers); Advertising + Marketing Best Men’s Fashion Magazine 2013 and 2014); Time Out Kuala Lumpur as the executive editor; Heineken International as their global EIC; Amsterdam Weekly as contributing editor; Budapest Week as the editor-in-chief as well as a known celebrity editor appearing on TV and print (CNN, International Herald Tribune) for his expertise. He sits on the Mr Porter Style Council, a prestigious society for menswear and fashion.

Presently, he’s the content producer and editor of DeCrypted News, a cybersecurity portal for Clavister AB, based in Sweden that tries to educate readers on the growing risk and importance of cyberwarfare, ransomware and online criminality and other digital topics. He’s also slowly writing a biographical work on the poets Eric Johnson and György Faludy called The Last Latinist.